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Felix hat jetzt einen Schrebergarten. Hier berichtet er, was ihm dort passiert.

In a Vase on Monday: Frühlingsgrüße

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On my journey through the internet / blog meme, please let me introduce: In a Vase on Monday. Is is weekly (on Mondays, who would have guessed), and features some flowers arranged in a vase. As far as I can perceive, it is originated by Cathy from Rambling in the Garden. And she has gathered quite a following – both people who show their flower arrangements as well as spectators. So without further ado, I will join the crowd and present to you from time to time, what flowers are there in my vase.

This week’s arrangement is very simple, just tulips (bicolor) and some salal twigs – and indeed it was not even intended to be at my house. Instead, the flowers and green were destined to a community centre where they would have been split up to decorate the tables. As someone else had already brought flowers, I took mine back home and in a simple glass. There they are.

Salal or Gaultheria is a shrub from the US Pacific Coast and used quite often in flower arrangements. I would be interested in growing it in my garden as it sure is a nice evergreen – and would always come in handy  for cutting some twigs. Any experiences with salal in the garden?


Auf meiner Reise durch die Weiten der Garten-Blogosphäre hier der nächste Fund: In a Vase on Monday. Wie der Name verrät, zeigen wir immer Montags ein Blumenarrangement in einer Vase. Cathy von Rambling in the Garden kam auf die Idee, und sie hat viele begeistert, die nun auch ihre Blumen-Arrangements zeigen oder einfach nur zuschauen.

Ab und an werde ich wohl auch mal eine Vase präsentieren – Und hier ist nun die erste: Eien schlichte Komposition aus zweifarbigen Tulpen und Salal. Die Blumen waren fürs Gemeindezentrum gedacht, da waren aber schon welche, also habe ich sie weider mit nach Hause genommen und einfach in ein Glas gesteckt. Ganz einfach, aber gerade deshalb gefällt es mir.

Kennt jemand Salal? Heißt wohl auch Shallon-Scheinbeere. Ich habe die Blätter schon öfter in Blumensträußen gesehen und dachte, das wäre für den Garten vielleicht gar nicht schlecht, immer ein bisschen Grün für den Blumenstrauß parat zu haben. Die Shallon-Scheinbeere ist übrigens ein immergrüner Strauch ursprünglich von der US-Pazifikküste. Hat jemand Erfahrungen damit im eigenen Garten?


9 Kommentare zu “In a Vase on Monday: Frühlingsgrüße

  1. Those bi-colour tuilips are gorgeous, Felix , and displaying them with more greenery shows just how attract this kind of tulip is. I must look into adding some bi-colour tulips to my next bulb order. Do you know what variety yours are?

    Gefällt mir

    • The tulips are shop-bought, so I do not know the variety’s name unfortunately. And I do agree, I too need some of those growing in my own garden next year!

      Gefällt mir

      • I did wonder…. and we will forgive you today Felix, but the main idea of the meme is to find things in our own gardens or forage them in the wild… Even in the winter it has encouraged us to look at our gardens in a different way and find things other than blooms too. Hopefully see you again next week…?

        Gefällt mir

  2. The foliage and the tulips make a striking combination. I live on the US Pacific coast but I don’t have any Salal (Gaultheria) in my garden, although I do see it used in flower arrangements sold here. I looked it up and it appears that it’s more common in the Pacific Northwest – it probably needs more rain than my area of Southern California can provide.

    Gefällt mir

  3. Salal is new to me being in the NE United States, but I do grow and love tulips and these are beautiful. Wonderful to have you join in.

    Gefällt mir

  4. I like the foliage you chose to accompany the lovely tulips. susie

    Gefällt mir

  5. The salal makes a wonderful effect with the tulips (a lovely variety of tulip)! But I know only the name, having never grown it…

    Gefällt mir

  6. That’s it…I am getting tulips this fall for next spring! Everyone is doing tulips this week and I regret now not planting them 🙂 Their beautiful…and no I had not ever seen Salal. When I looked it up it is hardy to my area though. I will watch for it.

    Gefällt mir

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